Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I've always felt friction between security and adventure;
seems like my personality precariously balances between extremes.
Security has won, but the other side of me wonders
about the road not taken. Parenting surely has tilted
me towards making conservative choices, but there are 
all those parents who toss caution to the wind and
travel around the world with wee ones in tow…
It has required conscientious thought to tamp
down impetuous self. 

Is this a common dichotomy?
Or do others mostly lean towards security or adventure?
Or do some simply not consciously think about it?


Anonymous said...

Always torn between security and adventure. Need to toss more caution into the wind and drag the child along.

silkpathdiary said...

Interesting: my personality is surely cautious and my default choice is security (even before parenting mode). However, I have made conscious decisions to embrace adventure and the older I got, the easier it was to embrace it.
I think for some people life events can force them to do the opposite of their normal mode. For others I feel they kind of go through both naturally. When I realised the only things I regret were the things I didn't do, it became easier for me to go against my personality :-)

anexactinglife.com said...

I have leaned toward security, for sure. Looking back, however, I have made many choices that others have seen as bold (marriages! cross-country moves! home sales! job changes!) so who can say what the line is between adventure and security? Maybe it is the difference between a planned adventure (such as travel) and a misfortune or a personal change in direction.

Gam Kau said...

Anon - the choices we make as parents are interesting, such a variety. Maybe all those adventurous parents wonder what it is like to feel very secure…nah...

Gam Kau said...

SilkP - that's how I feel, that life choices (familial obligations/parenting) have led me to me more cautious than I naturally am. I have the opposite tendencies as you - naturally impetuous and have had to consciously tweak towards security. Now I think that I'm older I've naturally become more cautious. Maybe.

Gam Kau said...

ExactingL - so true, like everything, it's all perspective. In comparison to many people I grew up with my life seems practically tumultuous! But by my perspective I've been cautious (well, for the most part).