Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I've always felt friction between security and adventure;
seems like my personality precariously balances between extremes.
Security has won, but the other side of me wonders
about the road not taken. Parenting surely has tilted
me towards making conservative choices, but there are 
all those parents who toss caution to the wind and
travel around the world with wee ones in tow…
It has required conscientious thought to tamp
down impetuous self. 

Is this a common dichotomy?
Or do others mostly lean towards security or adventure?
Or do some simply not consciously think about it?

Friday, 10 April 2015

I've realised all the counting, curating, thinking
about my possessions and wardrobe is
really an attempt to feign control of my life.
It's obsessive and scarily similar to anorexia.
And yet it's soothing, and thankfully,
not harmful (perhaps annoying), so 
I don't think I will (can) stop.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

fucking 'ell

I've always considered myself particularly fortunate;
life has been good to me.
But fucking hell!
With the new year came unexpected
trauma, drama and heartache - completely
unexpected of course.
Without sharing sordid details, the events
involved the health and well being of
a very close family member.
Many sleepless nights and thousands of pounds
later things are stabilised. 
Anyone who says money doesn't matter
is fooling themselves. Thank goodness I had
the resources to get the care necessary.
Frugality for the win!